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50th Anniversary of the 1965 Medallion Shield win

50 years ago, on 17th March, 1965, the BRA Medallion won the Medallion Shield outright for the first time in the school’s history. On 20th March, 2015, 13 of the team, who had beaten R.B.A.I 9-0 in the final, attended a 50-year reunion lunch at BRA, hosted by the Headmaster, Mr Moore Dickson.

One of the coaches, G.A. Jamison, passed away on 9th, August, 2007 but coach David Carruthers was present and spoke of some of his memories.

BRA Medallion 1964-65 Academy lift shield (1) Reunion Pict Mar15 (BRA) Win for BRA Boys

Back row; JP Dowdie, JJ Ritchie, KW Lyness, RFW Appleby, AW Petrie, PS Sefton, PG McKenna, Mr D Carruthers


Seated; DT Frew, GW Field, MK Galbraith, ML Blake, Headmaster, A McIlveen, SW Potts


While Belfast Royal Academy’s Schools Cup side – for the past three seasons joint winners of the trophy – were knocked out of this year’s competition, the gloom of defeat did not permeate their Medallion side who ran to a decisive and convincing victory over R.B.A.I. on St. Patrick’s Day.  


In Lifting the under fifteen shield for the first time ever the ‘juniors’ managed to salvage a lot of prestige for the school.  For in defeating Inst. 9-0 in the final they managed to record the incredible tally of 574 points for and 25 against in the 24 matches of the competition.


The finest side ever to represent B.R.A. – and not necessarily because they won – this Medallion team have a unique distinction of having their line crossed only four times in the event.


Pictured here are the victorious team – surely a clarion warning for Cup hopefuls to come – and outhalf and captain Martin Blake receiving the long awaited trophy from Mrs Harte, wife of the President of the Irish Rugby Football Union.


It was a more than pleasant duty for Mrs. Harte too.  Her husband is a teacher at Academy.

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